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  The results are in...  
    Thank you to all of you who responded to the "Help us understand your interest in epilepsy research" survey. It is important that we understand your needs and wants prior to making development changes to the Seizure Tracker system.  
    We are excited to share the results with you:  
  Would you be willing to share your anonymous Seizure Tracker data with researchers if you thought it would help develop new treatments for Seizures and Epilepsy?  
  Would you be interested in receiving information about research projects where the inclusion criteria matched your Seizure Tracker profile?  
    Get the pdf summary report (including research interest areas) by clicking here.  
    Because of the overwhelming interest in research participation in the Seizure Tracker community, we now have an opt-out perference included in the Seizure Tracker user account settings. This means that, as a default, your anonymous data could be shared within the epilepsy research community and you might receive emails about research projects that apply to your Seizure Tracker profile.  
    Get instruction on how to change your Seizure Tracker account settings by clicking here.  
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