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 Seizure Triggers

The "Possible Trigger" section of the seizure logging page includes many common triggers for seizures. Selected values are passed from one event to the next and remembered as values in the form. This allows for entering multiple similar events more rapidly. It is partially customizable with an “Other” option in which the user can enter a trigger that may not be listed. This value can then be applied to events as needed. The “Other” option can be changed at anytime. Also provided is a trigger notes section to allow for more detail description of triggers. The “notes” value is not remembered.

Possible Triggers included on the Seizure Logging Page:
-Changes in Medication (including late or missed)
-Overtired or irregular sleep
-Irregular Diet
-Alcohol or drug use
-Bright or flashing lights
-Emotional Stress
-Fever or overheated
-Hormonal fluctuations
-Sick (customized description and remembered)
-Other (customized and remembered)
-Trigger Notes