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 Attach videos to logged Seizures

If the "Enable attachment of YouTube videos to Seizure log" account preference is selected on the profile page this option will also be available in the header section. Video recording of seizure events often aid care givers in diagnosing seizure types. This tool allows users to attach links to personal YouTube videos to a particular seizure event entered on

To activate the video attachment tool-
-From the control panel click on the profile "Change" link in the lower left hand side of the page.
-Select "Enable attachment of YouTube videos to Seizure log" and press the "Update" button.
The user will now be able to access the "Attach Video" tool through the event (seizure) logging page.

To attach a video to a seizure log-
Copy and paste the entire video URL into the YouTube field on the logging form. As you watch a video in your YouTube account the URL is located on the right side.

If you don't have a YouTube account click here for account set up directions.

A video icon button will appear on each event with an associated video in the account and any reports shared through that account.