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 Birth Control and Pregnancy History

The Birth Control/Pregnancy History tool allows users to collect information surrounding birth control usage and pregnancy.

Activating tool:
- Visit the "account settings" page which is accessible from the links section on your control panel.
- Select the "Enable recording of Birth Control Methods and Pregnancy History" option in the settings list.
- Press the update button.

-If the tool is currently active, you will see the "Birth Control/Pregnancy Profile" in the lower left corner of your control panel. Press the "View/Edit" link to access the tool.

Birth Control/Pregnancy link on control panel

Birth Control data points include:
- Method
- Start/End Date
- Reason for not using
- Reason for using
- Why stopped using

Pregnancy data points include:
- Last Menstrual Period date
- Birth/End date
- Label: Intended/Un-intended
- Outcome

Visit the Epilepsy Birth Control Registry website for more information on Special Considerations for Women with Epilepsy.