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 Seizure Rescue Medications

Seizure Rescue Medication Schedule:

To activate the Seizure rescue medication tool:
-From the control panel click on the profile "Change" link in the lower left hand side of the page.
-Select "Enable recording of rescue medications" and press the "Update" button.
The user will now be able to access the rescue medication schedule through the event (seizure) logging page.

After activating this tool the user can add or edit any rescue medication administered at any time by clicking on the "Add or Edit" link below "Today's rescue medication" on the event-logging page. Rescue medications are any unscheduled medications administered to stop a prolonged or reoccurring break through seizures. The rescue medication schedule consists of information entered by the user to track anti-epileptic medications and their dosages. These medications are represented as a tick mark on the graphs included with the reports. Fields include drug names, dose amount, unit label, administration date, administration time and a section for notes.