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 Printing Seizure Tracker Reports

While developing Seizure Tracker, our intent was to create a tool that was mostly web based and easy to read online. The graphing feature in the reports includes a scrolling capability to show extended periods of time. Seeing those reports in printed form allows for highlighting a given time period within the graph. Since the launch of the site, we have found it useful to have some of the reports in hard copy and plan to include printer optimized reports with future upgrades to the site.

If we may offer a solution, after you select to print your report from the "File" pull down window in your browser, a print window should appear. Some browser/printer combination vary but most should give you a "properties" or "preferences" button in the upper right region of the Print window. You should have some resizing capabilities after clicking that button. We found printing at 80% usually included the entire report left to right.

If you have certain parts of the graph you are interested in showing in the printed version of the report, make sure the graph is scrolled to that point prior to printing.