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 Create Reports

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Creating Seizure Tracker Reports:

This page is one of the most integral parts of the Seizure Tracking site. From this page the user submits parameters for the reporting feature of this site. The form to enter in the parameters of reports to be created has six main features that include length of report, start date, graphing options, medication schedule options and five data sections.

Length of report section-
Here you can select the length of the report being created. Currently the options are a one-month report, a three-month report, a six-month report and a year long report.

Start date section-
This selection allows user to determine the date parameter of the report. It is the end date of the report so if the user would like a report representing the full 2007-year they would enter December 2007.

Exclude Name From Report-
This selection allows user to exclude the subject name from the report. This is a simplified form of anonymizing a report. Note: the subjects name will not be exclude from subject or body of the report email sent. Also, none of the textual user enterd content is excluded from the report content and has the possiblilty of the subjects name being included.

Include Entire Medication Schedule-
This selection allows user to include the entire medication schedule (inside and outside the report period) in the report. This allows for easy sharing of full medication history on selected reports.

Seizure Graphing Type and Increment section-
This area allows user to determine the Type and Increments of the Seizure/Medication and Seizure by Type/Medication Graphs availible in the report. Increment options include "by Day" on the one month reports "by Day" and "by Week" in the three month report and "by Day", "by Week", and "by Month" in the six month and year report.

Include Seizure "Time of day" graphs-
This selection allows user to include the seizure "Time of Day" charts. These include a bar chart compare total seizures by time of day and a Pie chart representing the time seizures occur by percentage.

Data selection section-
This section allows user to select what types of information they would like included in the report. Currently the user can select from: All Seizures, Flagged Seizures, report period Medication Profile, report period Rescue Medication Profile, and Daily Notes. These options only include information logged into Seizure Tracker that pertains to the report period selected.