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 Valet System - User Account

The Valet tool allows Seizure Tracker users to to share access to their account with a Valet management account. Access levels can be customized for each valet relationship. User account have full control of the valet relationship and can edit or delete access at any time.

Activating Tool
Sending Valet Key Invite
Edit Valet Key

Activating tool:
- Visit the "account settings" page which is accessible from the links section on your control panel.
- Select the "Enable Valet System" option in the settings list.
- Press the update button.

*If the tool is currently active, you will see the "Valet System" in the lower left corner of your control panel.

Valet System link on control panel

Sending a Valet Key Invite:
- Visit the "Valet System" page by clinking on the link in the lower right corner of your control panel.
- Enter the recipients email address into the invite form.

- Set appropriate access levels. *Please note that giving access to the Valet System will allow the management account to edit their own access level.

- Press the "Send Invite" button.

Acess Level setting include:
- Log Seizure Events
- Medication Schedule
- Rescue Medication Shedule
- Diet History (Glucose and Ketones)
- Vagus Nerve Stimulator History
- Log Menstrual Cycle Information
- Log Medication Blood Levels
- Log Daily Variables
- Log Daily Notes
- Log Daily Appointments
- Contact Information
- Account Settings
- Edit Password/Email
- Valet System
- Update Weight
- Create Reports
- Email Reports

*Once the invite is sent it will appear in the user account valet key list with a pending status. Valet key invite are sent to the email entered into the form and expire in 96 hours. The invite will need to be resent if it has not been completed by the recipient.

*Valet management accounts have the capability of entering an alternative email address and name to appear in the user's key list. Once the key is accepted the email address and name may change to that selection if they have used that function.

Edit Pending or Active Valet Keys:
- Click the "Edit" link located at the top of the access settings for each invite in the valet key list.
- Review the settings and make the desired changes.
- Press the update button.

Click the "Delete" link in the to remove the valet key from both the user account and management account.

Activating Tool
Sending Valet Key Invite
Edit Valet Key