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 Export Data Tool

You can download your data from Seizure Tracker® using the export data tool. Files can be created in XML for Excel, XML or JSON formats.

How to access the data export tool-
The data export tool is available through the Control Panel page. You willl find the blue "Download Data" button/link in the lower left corner under the "Create Reports" button.

Using the Seizure Tracker Data Download Tool -
Files can be created in XML for Excel, XML or JSON formats. The XML for Excel file can be imported into MS Excel and currently includes a sheet with profile information and data export parameters along with a sheet listing out event information. The XML and JSON files include the same data but format it in commonly used data structures. Here a few informational links for these formats: JSON + XML

Steps for downloading data:
• Select a data file type to download.
• Select date parameters for download. The default is "Include all Entered Items" and includes all event data (this currently just includes seizure event data). You can also select "Use Date Range" and enter date parameters for the data export.
• Click the "Create File" button.
• Most browsers will open a window to download/save or open the file you just created.
• Save or open the file in your desired program.

Once saved to your computer these files can be easily emailed or imported into the data evaluation program of your choice.

As of 2/24/2014 this tool was still in BETA. Please feel free to send any feedback to