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 Create a new Seizure Tracker account

Creating a new account-

User Name and Password page:
Create a memorable user name and password. They will be required to log into your account. Your password should be at least six characters.

User Email and Question-Answer page:
The user email will be used to contact you on updates and news that pertains to It is also used as the primary contact email for reports emailed from your account. The Question-Answer area is for retrieving forgotten user name and password information via email.

Profile page:
The beginning of this page is personal information about the person for whom the logging will be done. Pertinent information is included in the reports created by the user and can be emailed from his or her account. This information includes first name, last name, birth date (commonly used to reference patient files in hospitals and doctors offices), and weight (can be edited for changes from control Panel).
The "Options for account" section selects preferences for turning on or off certain tools on the site. The data entered on these tools is never erased. By checking or un-checking the box preceding the option description the user only determines whether those tools will be visible. The visibility of these tools can be changed at any time.

Options include:
● Recording of rescue medications - Rescue medictions include any single unscheduled dose of anti-epileptic medication administered to stop a prolonged seizure. The rescue medication tool enables users to log and report when they are administered and include notes surrounding that particular event.
● Attach videos to events - Videos are often helpful in communicating descriptions of epileptic events to care providers. This option allows site users to attach videos to logged events which are then linked to in the reports created (and shared) on
● Event logging options - Users of the site can set their event logging options to include or exclude standardized form for tracking seizure triggers and post event descriptions. The main logging description section options include a standardized form or the ability to use "Personal Descriptions" which label the event with a title, a letter value and a numerical value. User also have the option to include both the staradrdize description and the "Personal Description".
These options can be enabled or disabled at any time without losing any information previously recorded.

The "Region of residence when diagnosed" and "Cause of Epilepsy" sections are optional. We plan to develop reports that would be cause and region specific, this information will be integral in running those reports.