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Seizure Cycling/Patterns Survey

Do you notice a cycle or pattern to your seizures?

Recent research has shown that seizures may have a tendency to cycle. This has huge implications on our understanding of epilepsy and how to treat for seizures. Help us understand the prevalence and characteristics of seizure cycles so we can provide you with more effective tools to manage your epilepsy.

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Seizure Cycling IconSeizure Tracker® provides graphs of event activity to help you identify trends or patterns in your seizures.

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With your help, we will continue to improve upon the data evaluation tools on Seizure Tracker®.
How can identifying seizure cycles help?
We assume there are many factors that contribute to seizures happening. Sometimes people notice triggers or even cycles/patterns to when seizures occur. Knowing how and when a seizure might occur lets you be proactive about medication administration to possibly prevent seizures. Lifestyle changes can also be made to keep improve seizure safety.

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