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Don’t go to School without a Seizure Tracker Dynamic Seizure Action Plan!

A Dynamic Seizure Action Plan (DSAP) along with the Seizure Tracker’s extensive recording and reporting features allows you to send your children school with confidence in their care.

Where to start?

Talk to your child’s doctor...

Communicate with your doctor about an appropriate action plan for your child, including treatment, taking into consideration different environments. Talk about the different types of seizures that occur and how responses may vary based on seizure type and environment, such as: at home, in school, at work, etc.

Here are some things you should make sure are included:

  • How to make the person safe during a seizure
  • Rescue medication directions (with doctors input)
  • When to call for help (EMS or doctor)
  • What is typical and what to do if things are different
  • Medical history
  • Educational/Cognitive impact before, during and after a seizure (for school exclusively)

Knowing how to handle seizures in school is imperative for children to stay safe while getting a quality education. School staff, nurses, and even close friends, could be able to help by administering a rescue medication, calling for help, or reducing the risk of injury. A well structured seizure action plan will help them know what, if anything, they need to do during a seizure. It also gives your child and their support team a clear plan to share with others, and empowers people outside the regular care team to take appropriate action if a seizure occurs.

DSAP Create a DSAP on Seizure
  • Visit
  • Log into your account or create a new account.
  • Look for the “DSAP” action plan icon/link on the Control Panel page (bottom navigation menu).
  • Visit the tool and talk to your doctor about how to best complete the different sections.
  • Empower yourself by having your Seizure Tracker DSAP, mobile app and rescue medication handy at all times.

Data Share toolPre-reporting for the school year...
Pre-reporting is creating a report for a future date range, which can be particularly helpful when sharing reports with school staff. It allows school staff and administrators to have continued access to seizure reports for an extended period of time via a simple internet link.

Visit to learn more about the extensive reporting feature and how to share them.
Get the Seizure Tracker Mobile App!

Get the Seizure Tracker Android App!
You can download the mobile app from iTunes or Google Play.
Rescue Medication Tool:
When using the Seizure Tracker app, you can set alerts to indicate when to administer a rescue medication during the seizure. For repetitive seizure activity, you can manually enter rescue medication administrations in the mobile app or on the website.
Problems with administering rectal medications at school?
Some families have had problems with school nurses administering rectal rescue medications at school. The FDA has approved two rescue medications that can be administered through the nose. Ask your doctor about other treatment options.

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