Seizure Tracker - Empowering Researchers to Improve Clinical Care
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Seizure Tracker - Empowering Researchers to Improve Clinical Care

There are multiple tools within the Seizure Tracker system that enable users to share their data with epilepsy researchers.

The Data Share system allows Seizure Tracker users to easily connect their data with partner databases. Our de-identified and unlinked population data exports are empowering epilepsy researchers across the globe.

Did you know...
Seizure Tracker is the largest data base of patient entered seizure activity and surrounding therapies in world (over 2.7 million events recorded). Seizure Tracker users are helping unlock the mysteries of seizure progression, how seizures present in different subgroups, clinical trial optimization, therapy efficacy, non-invasive seizure forecasting/prediction methods, etc..

Here are some research highlights:

Population exports are done through a simple researcher request process. Submitted AIMs are reviewed for user interest and patient impact. Please feel free to contact us with any questions or data requests.

ISDCA majority of the retrospective research being done through the Seizure Tracker population export tools has been facilitated through a collaboration with the International Seizure Diary Consortium (ISDC).

Visit the ISDC website here to learn more about the efforts to leverage "Big Data" in epilepsy research.

Data Share toolInteract with the Seizure Tracker user base through our surveying system...
Use the robust Seizure Tracker surveying system to directly interact with our 28,000+ registered users. Past advocacy and industry sponsored surveys have had a relatively high response rate in a matter of days.

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Data Share Partner. Leverage Seizure Tracker in your prospective research projects!

Leverage the Seizure Tracker Data Share system in your research porject!
If you are a patient advocacy group or institutionally based researcher, we can provide you with a rapidly deployable and low cost study management system. Contact us at for more information.
Are all Seizure Tracker users required to share their data for research?
No, all the data share partnerships require user interaction to establish the relationship between the Seizure Tracker user account and the partner. Seizure Tracker users can easily opt-out of the de-identified and unlinked population exports by visiting their account settings. See how here!

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