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Infantile Spasms (IS)

Prompt diagnosis and accurate treatment are the key to successful treatment!

Infantile Spasms (IS) are a catastrophic form of epilepsy that often causes severe intellectual disabilities. Early diagnosis and accurate treatments are critical to stopping the abnormal brainwave patterns (Hypsarrhythmia) associated with IS. Your help in educating the public and health care providers about Infantile Spasms is crucial in minimizing the impact.

How can I help?
Education of the public and health care providers about Infantile Spasms is crucial in minimizing the impact. Know and share the facts about Infantile Spasms.

  • Infantile Spasms are often misdiagnosed as colic, startle reflex and reflux.
  • Children often do well if treated early and accurately (prompt diagnosis and accurate treatment). See why early treatment is so important here.
  • When not treated promptly or accurately IS may cause significant intellectual disabilities, regression of previously acquired milestones and a stand still of the normal development process.
  • An IS diagnosis is often confirmed through an EEG (Electroencephalogram) study showing abnormal brain wave patterns called Hypsarrhythmia.
  • Only two drugs two drugs are approved by the FDA for the treatment of Infantile Spasms, ACTH and Vigabatrin.

For more information on Infantile Spasms (IS) check out the info graphic at the Child Neurology Foundation website.

DNASeizure Tracker is excited to partner with the Child Neurology Foundation, the Tuberous Sclerosis Alliance and many other organizations to raise awareness about Infantile Spasms.

Data Share toolUsing the Infantile Spasms count and severity tool on Seizure Tracker...
Seizure Tracker users can record Infantile Spasms as a seizure type in their event diary. Spasm counts along with severity levels can be included and shared within the extensive reporting capabilities on the site.

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What is Hypsarrhythmia?
Hypsarrhythmia [hips-a-rith-me-ya] is a disorganized, chaotic pattern of brain waves that occurs in children with infantile spasms (IS) but not in other seizure disorders.

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