Seizure Success and You!

Seizure Success® and You!

Providing you with tools to help understand your seizures and enhance your communication with your care providers along with information on possible therapies. Surveys and Polls can enhance your understanding in how you compare to others with epilepsy.

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Epilepsy Research Studies
How much do you know about clinical trials? How would I find one? Who participates? If you currently take a medication prescribed by a doctor, it is available because patients like you participated in a clinical trial. Clinical trials are a formal way to conduct human research focused on finding better ways to diagnose, prevent, treat and understand human disease.
Learn about clinical trials and use the Trial Finder tool to locate a research study near you
Seizures and Tuberous Sclerosis Complex
Approximately 85% of individuals with tuberous sclerosis complex (TSC) struggle with epilepsy. Seizures associated with TSC are often hard to control. See how you compare to others in the tuberous sclerosis complex community, find resources to help manage seizures and contribute to valuable research.

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Infantile Spasms Awareness
Amazon Alexa - Seizure Tracking by voice
Logging seizures and keeping good records is an essential skill for managing epilepsy. Doctors will rely on your observations, medication usage and surrounding lifestyle information to help make treatment decisions. Alexa makes it easier to collect accurate data.
Seizures Tracker Menstrual, Birth Control and Pregnancy tools
Empowering Women with Epilepsy
Check out the new and existing tools on Seizure Tracker designed specifically for Women living with seizures. Women can record their menstrual cycle, birth control methods and pregnancies on This data can help your care providers make more informed desicions about therapies.
Seizure Tracker Research - Improving clinical care
Seizure Tracker Research - Improving clinical care
There are multiple tools within the Seizure Tracker system that enable users to share their data with epilepsy researchers. The Data Share system allows Seizure Tracker users to easily connect their data with partner databases. Our de-idetified and unlinked population data exports are empowering epilepsy researchers accross the globe.
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