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Home Video Seizure Monitoring

Do you need a simple video seizure monitoring system at a comparably inexpensive price?

Wifi security cameras can be easily integrated into your home network and be monitored through your computer or mobile device. Foscam security cameras can be purchased practically anywhere and offer great features for monitoring motor seizures (seizures that involve body movement).

What features make a good seizure monitoring camera?
There are specific features of a security camera system that can be very useful for monitoring seizures. It is important that you evaluate your needs when shopping for these camera systems.

  • Pan, Tilt and Zoom - This is often helpful for monitoring someone who moves around in the room you have the camera. If you have a large bed and the person sleeps restlessly, you have the ability to move the camera direction remotely.
  • Infrared Light Source - Many cameras have a built in infrared lighting source. This can help enhance the video quality in low light situations. Additional infrared lighting sources can be purchased independently of the camera.
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  • Motion Detection - This is often a software feature that can be a part of the monitoring system. Many mobile apps have this built in.
  • Motion Detection Threshold Settings - Depending on the characteristics of the seizure activity, tailoring these setting to the individual allow you to avoid false alarms. This is also a software feature.
  • Motion Alerting - This is also a common software feature of security camera systems. The Tiny Cam Pro App for Android will sound an alarm when detecting motion. Some systems will also take video or photos after motion is detected.
  • Record on Alert - This will allow for a recording to start when a predetermined motion detection threshold is crossed.

Monitoring cameras are great for understanding seizure progression and frequency. They have limited capabilities to detect seizure activity as it occurs. You should not use them exclusively to alert to life threatening seizures.

Does this seem like an advertisement for Foscam, Amazon and Android? Seizure Tracker does not receive money from any of these companies. The founders of Seizure Tracker have been using the combination of these products to monitor their son's seizure activity and wanted to share these resources with you. Please feel free to email the Seizure Tracker support team (support@SeizureTracker.com) to share any feedback or alternative suggestions you may have.

Videos on Seizure TrackerAttach videos to your Seizure Tracker events
Including video recordings of your seizures can help care providers diagnosis and treat your epilepsy. By attaching these videos to your event diary you can easily share them, and the surrounding event information, through Seizure Tracker reports.

Can I record continuous video?
Many security camera systems allow for continuous recording of video onto a computer hard drive. This can be ideal for understanding the progression of seizure activity when the motion detection is not catching the beginning of the seizure. ZoneMinder is free software to help manage your camera and video recordings but requires some technical skill to set up.

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