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Data Sharing

User Share Tool

Link individual Seizure Tracker user data to your dataset.

Seizure Tracker API

Leverage our dataset and visualizations to enhance your application or EHR

Population Exports

Use the Seizure Tracker de-dentified and unlinked data for research


The Seizure Tracker Data Share tool allows users to link their account data with pre-established Data Share partners. Once their account is link the Data Share partner has the capability of downloading user data individually or within their community. This is a great way to perform small institutional studies or include seizure outcome data in an outside registry. Seizure Tracker user retain the control of participation through their user interface.

The set-up time for a Data Share partner is determined by the content needs of the consent. There is typically a 10 bussiness day turn around on new Data Share Partner request (not including institutional IRB review time).

Included features:
  • User initiated relationships
  • Customizable consent
  • De-identified or personally identifying information included (depends on consent used)
  • Links to other community databases
  • Enrollment and recruitment tools
  • Project specific management interface

The Seizure Tracker Appplication Programming Interface (API) allows outside organizations to leverage the Seizure Tracker user data in their own application design. Realtime access is given through the API to all available tools on including but not limited to: seizure events and frequency counts, medications, rescue medications, diet therapy, seizure alerts (devices and dogs), etc..

All Data Share Partners with API access can leverage the Seizure Tracker electronic health record intregration within their own application.

Included features:
  • Data visualization resources
  • Database interaction
  • Comprehensive standardized data structure
  • Developer resource center
  • Extensive testing environment provided
  • Seizure Tracker consulting resources available
  • OAuth2 tokening system
  • EHR intregration

Seizure Tracker population exports are typically created for institutionally based researchers having internal review board oversite. All user data is de-identified and unlinked. As the Seizure Tracker database grows, our user understand the potential it has to help understand the natural history of seizures and epilepsy. As part of a 2014 survey, our users overwhelming voiced their interest in participating in research. We took that as a mandate to build a comprehensive data export tool that ensured their privacy.

Visit our researcher resource pages to learn more about the steps to request a data export.

Included features:
  • User controls participation
  • De-identified and unlinked
  • Mulitple export formats
  • Simple data request process
  • Community support
  • International access
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