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Share direct access to your Seizure Tracker account through the Valet system!

Valet System

Share access to a Seizure Tracker basic user account to one or more management accounts. Valet key can easily be created and shared via an email invite from the user interface. Access levels can be determined per each available tool including recording seizures.

Valet system features:
  • Share a valet key with an unlimited number of management accounts
  • Set individual access per key
  • Access multiple basic user account through one management account
  • Log data (when access given to tools)
  • Create reports
And much more!


Seizure Tracker users can share access from a basic account to a management (or multiple management accounts). This can come in two household families, when sharing real time access with your doctors or enhancing communication with your school.

- Share multiple valet keys
- Set individual access per key
- Revoke access when relationship is no longer up-to-date
- Manage mutiple individuals with seizures in the same family
- Share with your doctors, nurses, teachers, etc.

Request valet keys from your patients and have real time acces to their Seizure Tracker data and create reports.

- View multiple patient accounts through one Seizure Tracker management account.
- Real time access to data
- Create reports in clinic

Provide access to multiple care managers with full (or limited) event and therapy recording. Create reports to share with families or the resident's medical team.

- Create multiple care manager accounts
- Easily revokable valet keys in high employee turnover situations
- Have detailed data at doctor appointments

Provide access to multiple teachers, adminstrators and school nurses through sharing valet keys.

- Accessible by multiple users to record data
- Share real time data within the school team
- Easily revoke and create keys in new school year
- Help create effective Individual Education Plans
Create or your Seizure Tracker account and activate the valet system through your account settings page. Start sharing valet keys!