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Enhancing patient communication and improving clinical outcomes!

Medical Record Integration

The Seizure Tracker electronic health record integration initiative pushes patient collected outcome data directly into the clinical workflow.

Seizure Tracker EHR intregration features:
  • Real time data access
  • Streamlined patient credentials entry tools
  • Access to all public Seizure Tracker diary tools
  • Dynamic data visualizations
  • Seizure frequency counts
  • Flexible API (application programming interface)
  • Uses FHIR OAuth2 Standards
Feel free to contact us at info@SeizureTracker.com for information about how to get connected!
The Seizure Tracker API includes an extensive patient/user specific dashboard.
Dashboard Elements:
- Seizure frequency summary
- Interactive graphs
- User profile data
- Drill down capabilities
The dashboard can be customized per data share partnership and individual user account.

The extensive Seizure Tracker Data Share Partner Program/API allows clinical users to access patient data in a variety of formats.

Standard raw data elements are currently availble through REST/API interactions and are typicaly returned as JSON.

The Seizure Tracker API and data elements can be easily enhanced or customized per data share partner.

The raw data and and visualizations can be customized per data share relationship.

Analytics can be performed on data on the Seizure Tracker servers prior to export. The preprocessed data can be present in multiple formats including raw JSON data or within existing or new visualizations.